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Choosing A Phone System For Your Startup: What's Best For You?


Choosing a phone system for your startup

The right business phone system can significantly boost team productivity, enhance client communication and streamline your future growth.

If you're stuck trying to find the perfect system, this free guide is for youIt's packed full of helpful stats, tips and guidance on each of the most popular types of business phone system.

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This Guide Covers:



Your Options

You'll get an objective overview of the phone systems available - we describe each use case and and outline the pros and cons clearly.



The Cost

For  a scaling business, money matters. We cover setup and running costs of each option so you'll know what to expect.




Adding extra numbers, handsets and features - we walk through what each option provides and how future-proof your business will really be if you choose them. 



An Honest Verdict

We give our verdict on each option, with a reality check on which option is really best for your business and why.

When it comes to selecting a phone system for your business it can be a jungle of confusing jargon, options and choices. We put this guide together so you can cut through the noise and make an informed choice.

Damian Hanson

Co-Founder, CircleLoop

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We know that growing a startup or small business can be tough, so feel free to take our advice on your next business phone. That's one job off the list.

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